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Stay Up-to-Date with our Civil Litigation Titles

When you’re looking for information on all aspects of civil litigation, we have a suite of resources to meet your needs. Our civil litigation titles cover subjects such as costs, torts, evidence, injunctions, restitution, the rules of civil procedure and more. Containing expert insight and analysis, these resources provide you with valuable guidance that will help you stay abreast of the latest changes in the law.

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Civil Litigation Titles on Thomson Reuters ProView™

  • Brown on Defamation, Second Edition: This is a comprehensive, authoritative and extremely discerning text that addresses significant new developments in this complex area of legal practice.
  • Class Actions in Canada: This important work provides examples and direction through analysis of hundreds of class action cases litigated across Canada. View a flyer (PDF) to learn more about this product.
  • Witnesses: This is a complete treatment of the law of evidence as it applies to evidence given by witnesses in civil and criminal proceedings as well as before administrative tribunals, public inquiries and legislative committees.

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