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Legal Tools and Research Solutions

Work efficiently in your practice with access to comprehensive legal information, commentary and currency from your computer. Integrated online solutions from Carswell, Canada Law Book and Thomson Reuters are designed specifically for legal practitioners, giving you the power to practice with confidence.

WestlawNext® Canada

WestlawNext® Canada is Canada's leading online legal research resource designed with the entire research process in mind that lets you work the way you think.

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Practical Law™ Canada

Practical Law Canada helps lawyers to work faster and advise with confidence. Our legal know-how goes beyond and complements primary law and research to help our customers meet client demands for increased efficiency and greater value.

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Drafting Assistant - Transactional

Drafting Assistant - Transactional is a review and analysis software tool that protects a lawyer’s documents from drafting errors and speeds up the review process. Drafting Assistant - Transactional works within a word processor to intelligently scan documents in seconds, alerting lawyers to errors, inconsistencies, missing information and more.

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eLooseleafs (formerly eReference Library) on ProView

eLooseleafs on ProView products are existing analytical print works now available in an online format offering you the best of both formats. Online access is included with your print subscription price.

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Canada Law Book Online Services

From legal research to online companions to print editions, Canada Law Book online services are available to subscribers for many leading works, including law journals, law reports, forms and code contents and annotations archives.

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Canadian Encyclopedic Digest

Comprehensive and current, the Canadian Encyclopedic Digest contains 223 titles covering every aspect of Canadian law. What’s more, the full work is also available from your Westlaw Canada subscription. 

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