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WHMIS Pocket Guide, 4th Edition
By: HATSCAN, Reg Ferguson, B. Chem Eng., MBA
ISBN/ISSN/Product Number: 978-1-895065-00-8
Product Type: Book
Number of Pages: 125 pages
Number of Volumes: 1 volume bound
Binding: Softcover Coil/Spiral
Publication Date: 2003-04-01
Publisher: Carswell
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Editor: Reg Ferguson, B. Chem. Engineering, MBA (Harvard)

Protect your company by ensuring both your supervisory personnel and workforce are informed with personal copies of the WHMIS Pocket Guide. Your workforce should be equipped with the knowledge and understanding of WHMIS regulations. By law, companies must make certain that workers fully understand and comply with all workplace warnings. Workers’ failure to understand and implement hazardous substance safety procedures can lead to life-threatening accidents. This concise, pocket-size handbook acts as an effective supplement to your company’s on-site training and education programs. It includes thorough and practical explanations of legislation, an outline of controlled products under WHMIS, an in-depth description of the identification of poisonous substances and guidelines for reading MSDSs. In addition, it features a complete glossary of WHMIS terms and abbreviations. Ask about our quantity discounts. New to this edition: The text of the 4th edition has been completely edited with up-to-date graphics replaced throughout, and is now coil-bound for easier reading. In addition, the 4th edition features coverage of a regulatory change involving Consumer Chemicals.

About the Author
Reg Ferguson, President of Hazard Alert Training Inc. (HATSCAN) in Edmonton, Alberta, is an experienced, practical and knowledgeable TDG trainer and consultant. He holds a Bachelor of Science (Chemical Engineering) and an MBA. Mr. Ferguson has worked with public and private sector organizations as a trainer and consultant in the areas of TDG, WHMIS, workplace health and safety, environmental due diligence, hazardous waste and best practices toward zero workplace injuries. He is the co-author of WHMIS Compliance Manual, WHMIS Pocket Guide, TDG Pocket Guide - Clear Language Edition, and The TDG Compliance Manual - Clear Language Edition, published by Carswell.