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Powerful Employment Policies
ISBN/ISSN/Product Number: 978-0-88804-334-1
Product Type: Supplemented book + CD-ROM
Anticip. Upkeep Cost: $133 per supplement (1-3 per year). Supplements invoiced separately.
Number of Volumes: 1 volume looseleaf, filed to date, with 2 months free service
Binding: 3-Ring Binder
Publication Date: 2000-08-01
Publisher: Canada Law Book
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This is a ready-to-use compilation of important policies and related forms for preparing a legally sound, user-friendly employee policy manual. Revised and updated regularly to bring you the most current issues affecting the workplace, all of the forms and policies are pre-made and organized for easy access. You'll find one policy per topic with guidelines on how to customize it. This convenient looseleaf is divided into three components and includes:# 1. Employee Policy Handbook with:
  • More than 70 easy-to-customize sample policies covering all the major topics
  • Commentary following each policy, providing important insight on human resources and legal issues
  • Charts outlining the legal requirements of all Canadian jurisdictions
# 2. Manager's Reference Manual provides important guidelines to your managers on:
  • The rationale of the policies and how to enforce them
  • How to manage effectively
  • The procedures to follow when dealing with employee issues such as performance evaluations, termination, harassment - and more!
# 3. Forms section provides all of the documents you need to support and enforce:
  • Policies
  • Procedures
The companion CD-ROM makes creating and updating your company policy handbook even easier.
About the Author
Lauren M. Bernardi is a proactive employment lawyer and human resource advisor with the firm Bernardi Human Resource Law ( in Mississauga, Ontario. Ms. Bernardi's innovative practice helps employers avoid costly problems and litigation, while maximizing their human resources potential. Ms. Bernardi's sound advice on workplace issues has been featured on CBC radio, in national newspapers and in numerous business and human resources publications. She is a former legal columnist for Canadian Manager Magazine and is a frequent speaker at the Human Resources Professional Association of Ontario.
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