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Keating on NEC3
ISBN/ISSN/Product Number: L19537
Product Type: Book
Binding: hardcover
Publication Date: 2012-05-31
Publisher: Sweet & Maxwell (U.K.)
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Keating on NEC3 is the only companion to successful application of the NEC3 suite contracts you will need to hand. It examines the aims and creation of the NEC, giving you valuable insight into their background and the principles on which they are based. The text takes you through each clause of the three contracts that make up the suite, providing expert commentary giving you all the practical guidance you need when drafting and interpreting contracts and giving you insight on how they work in practice.
  • Written by team leading barristers from Keating Chambers, hugely experienced in advising on NEC3 contracts
  • Goes through the aims and creation of the NEC
  • Explains the structure of ECC contracts and clarifies how the contract works in practice
  • Takes you through the core clauses providing expert commentary on each
  • Gives you practical guidance on drafting and interpreting the contract helping you to find the best way to use the contracts for your situation
  • Outlines the dispute resolution options so you can agree on the best method when drafting the contract
  • Gives you guidance on the schedule and shorter schedule of cost components when negotiating the time and cost elements of a contract
  • Covers the contract data including works
  • The aims and genesis of the NEC
  • The ECC and the other NEC3 contracts
  • The structure and drafting of the ECC contract
  • Core Clause 1 General
  • Core Clause 2 The Contractor's main responsibilities
  • Core Clause 3 Time
  • Core Clause 4 Testing and Defects
  • Core Clause 5 Payments
  • Core Clause 6 Compensation Events
  • Core Clause 7 Title
  • Core Clause 8 Risks and Insurance
  • Core Clause 9 Termination
  • Main Option Clause A Priced Contract with Activity Schedule
  • Main Option Clause B Priced Contract with Bill of Quantities
  • Main Option Clause C Target Contract with Activity Schedule
  • Main Option Clause D Target Contract with Bill of Quantities
  • Main Option Clause E Cost Reimbursable Contract
  • Main Option Clause F Management Contract
  • Dispute Resolution Options
  • The Secondary Option Clauses
  • The Schedule and Shorter Schedule of Cost Components
  • The Contract Data including Works
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About the Author
Dr. David Thomas Q.C. has specialised in the law of sentencing for many years. He is the Editor of Current Sentencing Practice, General Editor of Criminal Appeal Reports (Sentencing) and Sentencing Cases Editor for Criminal Law Review.
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