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Human Rights and Criminal Justice, 3rd Edition
ISBN/ISSN/Product Number: L19586-E3
Product Type: Book
Number of Volumes: 1 volume bound
Binding: hardcover
Publication Date: 2012-07-30
Publisher: Sweet & Maxwell (U.K.)
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General Editors: Ben Emmerson, QC, Andrew Ashworth QC, and Alison Macdonald

Human Rights and Criminal Justice provides a full and systematic analysis of the impact of UK human rights law on both the substantive criminal law and criminal procedure. It examines first the applicable human rights principles before moving on to consider their impact on specific areas, including the investigation of crime, court procedure, evidence, standards of proof, sentencing, appeals and the rights of victims.

  • The foremost guide for UK criminal practitioners showing how their work is affected by human rights considerations
  • Combines analysis of theory and principles with practical guidance
  • Deals in turn with the practical impact of human rights principles on each area of criminal practice
  • Examines how the courts have interpreted the Human Rights Act 1998 in practice
  • Fully updated to include analysis of the most recent cases
  • Contains new chapters on anti-terrorism and on prisons and the administration of sentences
  • Incorporates important new material into the section on investigative process
  • Reproduces relevant statutory material ensuring this key information is readily to hand

CONTENTS Part I – General Principles 1. The European Convention on Human Rights 2. Principles of Interpretation 3. The Human Rights Act 1998, The Definition of a Criminal Charge Part II – Investigation and Pre-Trial Procedure 4. Arrest and Detention 5. Entry, Search and Seizure 6. Covert Investigation and Entrapment 7. Bail 8. Issues in Pre-Trial Procedure 9. Special Procedures for Terrorist Cases Part III – Evidence and Procedure at Trial 10. Procedural Principles 11. Admissibility of Evidence 12. Self-Incrimination and the Exclusion of Evidence 13. The Course of Evidence 14. Burden and Standard of Proof Part IV – Criminal Law and Positive Obligations 15. Retrospectivity and the Principle of Legal Certainty 16. Issues of Criminal Responsibility 17. The Substantive Criminal Law 18. The Rights of Victims of Crime Part V – Sentencing, Appeals and Release from Custody 19. Sentencing 20. Appeals 21. Release from Custody

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