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Dismissal and Employment Law Digest
By: Howard A. Levitt, BA, LLB
ISBN/ISSN/Product Number: 0831-2516
Product Type: Annual subscription newsletter
Anticip. Upkeep Cost: 9 issues per year
Publication Date: 2017-01-01
Publisher: Canada Law Book
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Editor-in-Chief: Howard A. Levitt

This resource, available online in EmploymentSource and in print, provides concise, practical summaries of the latest dismissal and employment law cases from across Canada. Issued approximately nine times a year, this service:

  • Highlights the key points of each case, and includes commentary on the most relevant topics, helping you quickly determine your next move
  • Includes summaries of dismissal cases from Canadian courts, Canada Labour Code unjust dismissal adjudications, important decisions under public service legislation and from human rights boards of inquiry

For ease of reference, every case is cross-referenced by section number to statements and principles found in The Law of Dismissal in Canada, Third Edition by Howard Levitt (Canada Law Book.)

About the Author
Howard Levitt, BA, LLB – is a Senior Partner with Levitt LLP. He specializes in wrongful dismissal, unjust dismissal pursuant to the Canada Labour Code, human rights, sexual harassment, general harassment, breach of fiduciary duty, employment contracts, workers' compensation, workplace health and safety, injunctions restraining competition and information distribution, wrongful hiring, negligent misrepresentation in the employment context, providing clients with preventative advice and all other aspects of employment law, labour law and human resources litigation. Howard is the author of three Canada Law Book publications: Dismissal and Employment Law Digest; The Law of Dismissal for Human Resources Professionals; and The Law of Dismissal in Canada, 3rd edition.