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Court of Appeal Criminal Division: A Practitioner's Guide
ISBN/ISSN/Product Number: L19585-BK
Product Type: Book
Number of Volumes: 1 volume bound
Binding: hardcover
Publication Date: 2012-08-30
Publisher: Sweet & Maxwell (U.K.)
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A specialist book for criminal lawyers, who file applications and act for clients in the Court of Appeal, Criminal Division. It outlines the various rights of appeal and the relevant legislation and rules, identifies the principles underlying the various jurisdictions and court practice, and gives guidance to practitioners in all aspects of the process.
  • Covers general practice and procedure of the Court of Appeal Criminal Division, providing guidance in all aspects of the process
  • Aids practitioners in preparing well drafted grounds of appeal
  • Identifies the principles underlying the various jurisdictions and the courtss practice
  • Covers the various specific applications and appeals, outlining the rights of appeal and the relevant legislation and rules
  • Includes core statutory material and relevant Criminal Procedure Rules and Practice Directions
  • Covers general Principles And Case Management, commencement of proceedings and pre-trial work
  • Discusses evidence and disclosure
  • Guides you through the hearing
  • Includes notification of decisions of Single Judge and Full Court
  • Goes over costs & funding, including role of the LSC and costs orders
  • Provides details on applications to the House of Lords/Supreme Court and relevant practice directions and information on the Criminal Cases Review Commission
  • Covers the area of Interlocutory Appeals
  • Provides in-depth detail on conviction, grounds of appeal & powers of court
  • Full coverage of sentencing including powers of court
  • Considers the topic of confiscation including restraint and receivership
  • Covers the area of mentally disordered offenders in a dedicated chapter
  • Comments on contempt in regard to the Criminal Appeal Act 1968 and Administration of Justice Act 1960
  • Covers in full appeals against orders restricting or preventing reports or restricting access
  • Discusses Wasted Costs Orders and appeals against Third Party Costs Orders
  • Contains information on other rights of appeal including trials involving jury tampering
  • Deals with complete application for a re-trial for a serious offence
  • Includes flowcharts and tables for ease of reference
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