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Drafting Assistant - Transactional

Protect your contract drafting and legal documents from errors

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The only end-to-end transactional drafting software solution, anywhere. The Drafting Assistant – Transactional core analyzer engine, Deal Proof, intelligently scans your legal documents in seconds, alerting you to errors, inconsistencies, missing information, and more.

Avoid contract drafting errors

Avoid contract drafting errors.

Cut proofreading time in half

Cut proofreading time in half.

Avoid costly contract drafting errors

Quickly identify and assess potential transactional drafting issues, such as defined term and cross-reference discrepancies and missing information.

Cut proofreading time in half

Instantly locate and resolve drafting issues both within your legal document and in related documents. A recent US study shows that Drafting Assistant – Transactional shaves 60 percent off typical review time.

Time saved with Drafting Assistant – Transactional

According to a Thomson Reuters US study including more than 60 lawyers.

Drafting Task

Manual Proofreading

Drafting Assistant

Time Saved

Cross-check defined terms

184 minutes

24 minutes


Run summary report on errors

52 minutes

17 minutes


Proofread your own documents

103 minutes

40 minutes


Proofread other side's documents

78 minutes

40 minutes


Proofread documents from someone else in your firm

82 minutes

33 minutes


Identify numeration errors

56 minutes

33 minutes


See how Drafting Assistant - Transactional works

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