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compiled by an experience multi-disciplinary team, our personal tax and estate planning products offer a clear overview of compliance issues and informed advice on the planning and administration of personal taxes and estates and trusts.


Refine your research in such areas as fiduciary accounting, taxes at death, gift tax, REER, tax relief and so much more. Tax Planner Guides from the 21 Year Rule, succession Planning, Registered Pension Plans, U.S. Estate Tax to Powers of Attorney will enhance your ability to serve your clients by making it easy to find the right answers.

Author Spotlight

Garry R. Duncan

Garry R. Duncan, F.C.A., B.Comm, CFP.,  is the author of Canadians Resident Abroad, dealing with Canadian expatriates, Migration to CanadaWhen I Die: Financial Planning for Life and Death and Guide to the Family Business, Canadian Edition.

Planning for your family's future


Watch Garry Duncan provide an overview of the importance of wealth management and financial planning in life and death: