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Municipal and Planning Law

The structure, organization and powers of local government across Canada is complex and the scope of municipal and planning law is broad, covering such areas as liability, finance, taxes and assessment, municipal boards, tribunals and agencies, councillors, ethics and accountability, conflicts of interest, freedom of information, elections, public-private-partnerships, subdivision, development control and zoning by-laws, land use planning and expropriation. Thomson Reuters has resources that cover these areas and make your life easier.


Municipal Law - Ontario and British Columbia

In addition to products that have a national scope, Carswell has also worked to provide a broad selection of literature in more specific markets, notably those in Ontario and British Columbia.


Planning and Zoning - Ontario and British Columbia

Planning and zoning are subsets of municipal law relating to the ongoing effort to make the most ethical, economically viable, and sustainable uses of the land in and about a municipality. Carswell offers a range of titles specific to planning and zoning law with a focus on the provinces of Ontario and British Columbia.


Assessment - Ontario

Carswell has titles dedicated to the valuation of property in Ontario, both for tax purposes and in a broader context.


Expropriation - Canada

Expropriation law covers those instances where the government takes control or ownership of private property. The careful ways in which this may be done are thoroughly outlined in Carswell's offerings.