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The Harmonized Sales Tax in Ontario and British Columbia

Effective July 1, 2010, Ontario and British Columbia PST will be eliminated. It will be replaced with Ontario Value Added Tax (OVAT) and BC Value Added Tax (BCVAT) combined with GST to form a single HST.

What does this mean to Carswell customers?


Thomson Reuters Canada is required to charge HST on all products and services. Books, including looseleafs, qualify for a point of sale rebate on the OVAT and BCVAT. Therefore, books will only be subject to 5% HST.

Unlike PST, HST may be claimed as an input tax credit (ITC). Please contact your tax advisor to determine your organization’s eligibility to claim HST as an input tax credit with CRA.

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Please visit the Ontario Ministry of Revenue at or the British Columbia Ministry of Finance at

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