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Increase Your Productivity and Efficiency Without Sacrificing Quality

With Case Notebook®, a centralized, electronic case file, you and your team can enter and share key facts, insights, notes, documents, main characters, evidence, legal research, and more.

Organize Key Documents

  • Find information in seconds by searching across all documents, notes, emails, PDFs, etc., all at once.
  • Integrate with the applications you use every day – Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Word, Microsoft PowerPoint, and more!
  • Use term indexes to automatically find key words within documents
  • Create summary reports, fully customized, to capture just the information you need, the way you need it

Analyze Case Connections

  • Analyze case documents, research, and pleadings by annotating with your own notes and pre-defined, color-coded issues
  • Connect the law to the facts by exporting Westlaw Next Canada research with live links and KeyCite status flags
  • Seamlessly display case events by sending selected Key Facts to Case Timeline

Collaborate with your Litigation Team

  • Streamline collaboration with team members, by combining all notes, annotations and work product in one place
  • Access your document collection remotely so that you and your team always have access to the documents you need, wherever you are

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